Movie Projects and Promos


Colors of My Mind

Experimental Drama - 13 minute short

A boy's emotional state is depicted in colors as he learns his Dad is not his father.

Colors of My Mind

Music Video

The Music Video from the Movie Colors Of My Mind Sung by Marcus.

Forgotten Son

Drama - 10 minute short

Methamphetamine addiction as seen from the POV of a boy, whose mother is an addict.

(Educational Short Award - International Family Film Festival 2007)

Heavenly Drama

Drama - 13 minute short

A couple dies and is given a computer which will grant all their earthly desires.

( Bronze Award - WorldFest Houston International Film Festival 2002 )

Gone South


My Cousin Vinnie's family moves into Rush Limbaugh country.

RAMA The Legend

This video is a promotional ad for the graphic novel Rama The Legend. This graphic novel by Writer, Barbara Albers Jackson was adapted from her award winning screenplay, Rama, An Adaptation Of The Ramayana Legend.

RAMA Discovered

The full presentation of Rama Discovered. "Pitch for a Rama movie adaptation"

TTU Undergraduate Chemistry Promo

Promo for the Tennessee Tech Undergraduate Chemistry department

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